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About Amity Linealogy

Hi, I'm Amity Olson, the face behind Amity Linealogy, an independent genealogist and researcher. My fascination with genealogy started over a decade ago when researching my own family history. As I discovered my roots and the stories behind them, I was hooked. Over time, I realized that not just my family, but families everywhere have fascinating histories that need to be uncovered. That's why I turned my passion into a business - to help others uncover their own family's story.


I use a combination of digital and traditional research methods to dive deep into the past. My services include researching family trees, tracking down missing ancestors, and piecing together the historical context that surrounded them. I am committed to providing my clients with accurate and thorough research, giving them the tools they need to understand their family's unique story and heritage.

To further my knowledge, I am participating in the Boston University Genealogical Research Program; working towards becoming a certified genealogist. I also participate in relevant trainings and conferences. I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

The Other Side

I am a wife and mother; to a man-child and two dogs. My "day job" as a psychotherapist allows me to connect with others and explore family history from another angle. I enjoy reading, frivolity and fantasy (Harry Potter and Disney), and Lego. I also love to travel and am dreaming of a trip to visit the homelands of my ancesters. I grew up in the Midwest and am currently living in NE Florida. 

Amity Olson
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