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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional genealogist?

As a trained genealogist, I am able to:

  • save you time due to my ability to assess and identify relevant records efficiently

  • find information in less traditional records, identify relevant clues and patterns, understand historical context, and provide possible answers when no direct evidence is available

  • save you money based on my access to paid subscriptions, my ability to identify the most effective approach to your question, and efficient use of time and energy towards relevant resources

  • provide a new perspective that can help further your understanding of your heritage

When hiring a genealogist, you are paying for a service that includes that individual's time and expertise. 

How do I get started?

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your particular need. This can be done via phone or Zoom. During this conversation, we will discuss what you already know. If applicable, I will ask to review what records you have or previous research. This information will help us determine the appropriate target of your request and the scope of the project. I will then create a contract that will outline what we have agreed upon. Once signed, I will begin researching. I will provide regular updates of my progress via email. 

What guarantees can you provide?

I cannot guarantee I will be able to "answer" all agreed upon targets or questions. There are times the information is simply not available or readily accessible. I will provide information related to my process for identifying the information, all resources I searched, and any dead ends. I will also make recommendations for any future research targets that are outside the scope of our agreed upon contract. 

What fees are not covered by the standard rate?

Fees not covered by the standard rate include postage, copies, parking, vital records requests (if applicable), and/or mileage (standard IRS rate) outside my local area. Copies of available receipts will be provided. If long distance travel is required, fees may also include lodging and meals. These types of expenses will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand. I will also do my best to combine these efforts with other projects in order to spread out the costs. 

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