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Call me AL

What's in a name?

When trying to land on a name for my new venture it was difficult. The ones I originally thought of were taken!

I decided to use my first name, Amity, because it means "friendship between nations." It fit with the idea of what I was wanting to give to others: a connection between their past and present.

The "Linealogy" (isn't really a word) came about from my searches and fit with my own family history.

One of my favorite people in the world was my maternal grandfather, Alvin. He went by so many names (George, Junie, Junior), I had no idea what his name really was until I was older. My only indication that it wasn't one of the alternatives was a simple and small tattoo on his arm: Al. He said he hated it (the tattoo, not the name; although that is a story for a different day). I have no idea if that is true or not. I just liked it.

When it came time to name our son, my husband and I wanted to connect him to our family. We decided on the middle name of Al, in honor of my grandfather and my husband's maternal grandfather, Alois.

With this in mind, Amity Linealogy just fit.

Al has been a part of my life from the beginning. What a great way to continue to honor the men, memories, and history.

It also allowed me to create a logo that mirrored my grandfather's tattoo! Same script and all. Also, ALL of his direct descendants (aside from his minor great-grandchildren) are tatted up.

I hope he's okay with it

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